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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why, Mom?


do you remember rory wilson?

i bet you do

he has the sweetest of smile

he has kindest of heart

he has biggest of love

and he was my best friend

but mom,

i haven’t see him for a while


i’m lonely

i’m sad

i’m hurting

and i miss him


why is it when i asked mrs. smith

our neighbour next door

about rory

she broke down?

she wailed?

right before me?

what have i done wrong?

what has rory done wrong?

we did nothing wrong

we didn’t steal cookies from the jar

we didn’t spill milk on the floor

we didn’t paint walls with crayon

we didn’t steal anyone’s money

we just be friends

and one day

i felt like kissing him

and he

felt like kissing me back

right before

mrs. davis came

pulling him into her room

yelling at me to get lost

i went out

but i heard a terrible sound


it’s just like the sound

during the bank robbery we saw

just before the policeman bleed and died

what was it


since then

i have never seen rory


please don’t cry

i don’t mean to make you cry

i’m just curious

why rory disappear?

why mrs davis went with the police?

why mrs. smith cried?



are you reaching for the gun?

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