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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Sorry...

im sorry mother

i never want to hurt you

i never want to make you cry

but tonight

im cleaning out my closet

the closet is getting dusty

its suffocating me

i can barely breathe

im need fresh air, mother

its too dark inside there

i cant see anything clear

im sick of the darkness

i want the warmth of sunlight

being inside there is too lonely, mother

i have nobody to talk to, freely

i have nobody i can be honest to

all i see is myself and my imperfections

im going out of my closet, mother

im tired of having to lie

to be someone i am not

please dont cry mother

im doing this for me

so fuck the world

if it hates me for that

im done pretending

im still what i am, mother

its just that im more honest

its just that im more happy

its just that im more

a person than what i was before

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