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Monday, October 18, 2010

Plz B Sexy 4 Ur Bf ,NOT!!!

it still puzzles me

why some guys

want their girls

to sorta expose

more, more & more skin

i’m, like,


do you like

other guys to fantasize about her?

do you want

other guys to stare at what you





in your bedroom?

do you need

other guys to frequently

have the urge

to flirt with her?

coz if i was you

i’d definitely want her

at least in knee-length frocks

at least in decent tops

at least not look like a slut

i ain’t controlling

i ain’t restricting

i ain’t forcing

if she wont go by my rules

that’s fine with me

i dont lose anything

she dont lose anything

but a bit of my affection

is automatically

turned off, and

i won’t be that deep in shit

if i ever lose her



i’m just caring

for someone

who i love dearly

who i wanna grow old with

who’ll be the mother of my children


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