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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ain't You Mister Mister....


hey mister mister
sorry if i sound
too demanding
didn't mean to
didn't want to
didn't need to


you see mister mister
i just dont wanna ruin
something i've build
so careful

you see mister mister
you can call it paranoia
but ti justify
i just lose a castle
which i thought was of iron
which actually was of paper


so mister mister
no need to worry
no need to divide
you time
mister mister
i'm tired of another fight
of another cold shoulder
one is enough
two is too much
three will kill me
so i want to keep our
no waves
no shatter
no cracks

i'm happy i could love him
as freely as i could once
so i would be just happier
to be able to love you
as free as i can now

mister mister
frequent "hi" would be enough
occasional ramble could be good
snickering would be nice
no need secrets
no need whispers
coz i know
some others deserve it
not me

so mister mister
dont think too much

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