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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i changed my blog ! ! ! ! ^ ^

to this one :


Friday, August 12, 2011

time passes, the clock ticks, life goes on

but in this sugary sweetness
of a piece of life
i'd want to linger

time to stop
hands to halt
life frozen

glee preserves
grief fades

to be beautiful

how does it feel to be beautiful?
to be loved at the first sight
to be adored without you even trying
to be liked just with a glimpse
even babies like perfect facial figure
thus in world the favour is much more
for beautiful people

sure, pretty people have problems too
but they dont have the additional ones
rooted from worries about looks

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

in midst the cold night

i snuck into his room
hoping for a warm sleepy cuddle
or a session of pillow talk
or maybe something else 
for the cold night

i just hope i realized before that
that i forgot
he mentioned to me before
that he switched room with his gay brother

after that night
would not stop saying
"i'm feeling so dirty"
complete with a glare
everytime he sees me

speak to me

don't you know it's killing me
when you stared at me down the hall
with no words out of your lips

don't you know i'm going crazy
everytime i sit in class 
and see you in front of me

don't you realize
i'm mourning
every second
i'm breathing

coz we're stuck 
in a forbidden garden
that's just
too sweet to escape from

Friday, July 29, 2011

mr k,
making up with you
the hardest
yet the best
i've ever made

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i dont really intend
to go against my faith 
or anything

i'm not a pro

i just love the artsy side 
of it


and that's all
i'm just a lover
not a supporter

very sincerely written
and very consciously thought

Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

a very cold day

i lied on my bed
all day long
it was freezing
much to my distaste
even to set my foot 
onto the marbled floor
or to get out of the warm blanket

i peeked at the clock
five minutes to two
he should be here now
with worried look on his face
exaggerating things on his mind
on why
i missed class today
a fire?
an accident?
a mishap?
his paranoia
always amuse me
even more so
when they are 
of how much he cares


i've always envied the scenes in the movies

 the characters always seems to be able to find a place they can call their own

some sort of a secret place

where they can lie all day
where they can scream as they like
where thay can do whatever they want

though i'm never really
always surrounded by people
such place
is a blessings
from the sneer
from the giggles
from the insults

because in their eyes
i'm no more
than just a retard
the weird ones
ones you must avoid
and leave unintended
 things i feel
not to be argued
in a way
they're all right

We all have a little red bird inside us. 
Some people, 
like me, 
lock their little bird away so nothing can harm it. 

But It's best to let that little bird fly.
A bird that hasn't flown hasn't lived.

taken directly from here

Friday, July 1, 2011

when i talk to you

i was hoping for a nice talk
where i'm able to laugh or smile
a little bit
not a session for you to 
bitch about others

i know all too well
world isn't all about happiness
i learnt the hard way
but dear
if we dont create bits and pieces of
happiness of our own
wont our relationship turn sour and bitter?
from all the words you said of others?

i know you're tired
i know you're frustrated
so sometimes
i thought i'd just ask you not to call
for sometime
you can cool off
i can stay not frustrated
but because there
you're all alone
i dont have the heart to 
let you went through it all

but dear
cut down on your
emotional frenzy
of others
when we talk

he looked at me again

and this time
i was wondering
if what jessie said
was true

if he does
bat for other team
why'd he still
looking my way?
jessie seemed to 
understand what i was thinking

giving me a clean kiss 
on the cheek, she
smiled at me
"he's so into you
once in a while
don't you think it's great
to have a guy friend?
don't worry
i'm yours
and you're still mine"

i get it
i looked his way
and smiled

wow... soooo true.......... : )

Saturday, June 25, 2011

sometimes i wonder if

i'm drowned too deep
while you're above the water
waving at me
laughing recklessly
for my weakness
that cause my own suffering

maybe i'm being sensitive
i thought you would be more
that no matter how strong i may seem to be
that how effective my poker face works
deep down
i'm no stronger than you
and after all
i'm just a newbie in this tough adult world
i'm just a girl
and maybe
i'm also nothing to you

Friday, June 17, 2011

to him

i still can say i'm yours
i still can call you mine
the wave length between us
became greater as days pass
perhaps it was for the nonexistant contact
perhaps it was my own made-up feeling
perhaps i'm too absorbed in my newfound life
perhaps you're too deep drowned in your life

i'm devastated
by my own confusion
i'm lost
in my own mind
and i'm scared
of what my own future would be


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the trembling, scared-eyed girl

it was none other than middle of the clockface
when darkness had consumed the world whole
when i was walking down the road
searching for peace of mind and
maybe aiming for one or two martinis later

when i heard something behind
not afar, but still continuous
like a creeper waiting to jump down on me
and devour the flesh and bones, whole
i was scared shitless but
i grasped the gun in my pocket and turned

i see a silhouette 
of a person, female
a not-so-little girl
walking, no
limping, exactly
as she hold herself up
towards me
her eyes dilated, 
full of emotion
i could read as books
"to myself"
to herself?
i was perplexed

the exact moment
the moonlight shone
direct onto us
and i saw
her blood-drenched clothes
the axe in her hand
the hidden evil in her eyes

"i just can't stop"
"killing people"
the last words i heard

if you don't understand what this's about, you're innocent

how about my innocence?
"it's complicated"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

we cant predict the future, most times

the website from which
i took all these
is practically plastered all over
so visit if you're
in need of more meme 


favourite bones

 this is one of bones episodes
a body was found in paisley's bathroom, 
so they assumed the body was paisley's

sweets proceeded to talk to one suspect,
paisley's friend, nicole

hahaha i just love 
the direction of the investigation

but then, they discovered
the body wasn't paisley's
she's very well alive
booth went to see her
and told her

 next, what would anyone ask
an fbi agent who had just
informed you
they found a body in your house?

i love her 

you're safe with me

good times
bad times
i can promise that
i'll stay by your side

even when around us
things worsen
that you have to cry
i'll smile
just so you know
even in your darkest moment
you can be happy
if only
if only you have the strength to

cute fox XD

please don't go

i felt the danger
lurking inside
i heard the alarm
going off
i sensed the emptiness
revolving around

just what it feels like
my affection
is slipping away
for something 
it shouldn't 

Friday, June 10, 2011

the waiting

he looked past the window
again this morning
appalled by yet another
what he wanted wasn't there
who he needed hadn't arrived
even i as his dearest
couldn't ever replace

someone i was hoping
would be back soon
from his travel
just so
this guilt in my heart
can fade with peace, away

Sunday, June 5, 2011

as in glee

i'd like a bright white t-shirt
with its front
my deepest secret 
for the whole world to see

like chris colfer
my secret
is not really a secret
some knows
some not
but i don't really scream it at the rooftop
i guess it's a secret after all

still, you wouldn't know
this secret
bring me to the best of both worlds
present me hell and heaven
it contradicts what i supposed to believe
it breaks my heart to know i'm wrong
leaving me all smiles and lovey-dovey
satisfy my need for something different,
only this side of the world
is oh so boring
causing me to feel free
making me feel like a better person
leaving me helpless of the temptation
i'd live in the other side of the world if i could

but i can't
and i'm trapped here
a place without
with a mask on my face
with only
two words
on my bright white t-shirt

Friday, May 27, 2011

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