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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the trembling, scared-eyed girl

it was none other than middle of the clockface
when darkness had consumed the world whole
when i was walking down the road
searching for peace of mind and
maybe aiming for one or two martinis later

when i heard something behind
not afar, but still continuous
like a creeper waiting to jump down on me
and devour the flesh and bones, whole
i was scared shitless but
i grasped the gun in my pocket and turned

i see a silhouette 
of a person, female
a not-so-little girl
walking, no
limping, exactly
as she hold herself up
towards me
her eyes dilated, 
full of emotion
i could read as books
"to myself"
to herself?
i was perplexed

the exact moment
the moonlight shone
direct onto us
and i saw
her blood-drenched clothes
the axe in her hand
the hidden evil in her eyes

"i just can't stop"
"killing people"
the last words i heard

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