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Sunday, June 5, 2011

as in glee

i'd like a bright white t-shirt
with its front
my deepest secret 
for the whole world to see

like chris colfer
my secret
is not really a secret
some knows
some not
but i don't really scream it at the rooftop
i guess it's a secret after all

still, you wouldn't know
this secret
bring me to the best of both worlds
present me hell and heaven
it contradicts what i supposed to believe
it breaks my heart to know i'm wrong
leaving me all smiles and lovey-dovey
satisfy my need for something different,
only this side of the world
is oh so boring
causing me to feel free
making me feel like a better person
leaving me helpless of the temptation
i'd live in the other side of the world if i could

but i can't
and i'm trapped here
a place without
with a mask on my face
with only
two words
on my bright white t-shirt

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