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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

this makes me wanna go home even more

it's so cute i cant resist the temptation to reblog it

does she realize his glance means so much more?

it was daily occurence
they see each other everyday
she was naive
he was lost, in life

they look like they come from two different world
sure thing
men come from mars, women from venus
but he and she
depict the length, greater as if

she was afraid of him
the way he gazed, like a glare
he was afraid of her
of hurting the frail glassy heart

when his gaze means so much more
what was him to do
when all she want to do is
walking away from him?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


i had done everything i could
forgetting you
ignoring you
reminding myself over and over again

this is not right

but still in my lonely days

remembering you
your sweet smile
your sharp gaze
your nonchalant words

i couldn't help myself

 my tears are wasted again
my hopes are pouring again
my fears are piling again
my love for you bloom again

no hate... oh gaga i adore you

a touching secret of a girl

to people above...

that's how true a .jpg can be

you, my dear, are unnecessarily cute

i wish you would stop 
messing things around

since we live together
i couldn't not bother

you leave your things
everywhere you like

 shades on the mat?
lipstick on the bed?

that's unnecessarily cute
don't want you to be prim
and proper

teru teru bozu

little girl hung the doll 
her eyes full of hope
her smile full of anxiety

hoping tomorrow 
sun will shine
she can go out

the last time

 before darkness
invite her away

no one knows

but she knows

Saturday, April 9, 2011

i wish i just have to close my eyes to get you out of my mind

because this heart trembled

when you're around

and my god it hurts

because having you i couldn't

cute little thing....

love is blind

but i still can see

what the consequences will be

because my eyes is opened

though my heart is fried 

if only my radar was strong enough

i would have known i was the last
on his priority list

i would have known the sweet lilac smell
wasn't from his perfume stall

i would have guessed his being cold
was a sign of rejection

i would have known he had someone else
a man he keep in the closet

i should have known
he was after my best friend after all

i hated the act of cheating
 it's the biggest sin a partner could commit
when the trust is gone, what's left behind?
perhaps all of them.

tribute to 'cappuccino'
though i do altered the storyline
i just took the theme :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

it was a good friday, though not a real party

still it's a precious memories
between me and 
you two

my first time drumming the tension away

(to! to! to! te! to! to! totototototototototo TE! XD)

my first time trying to climb against the escalator

(.... and failed badly X))

my first time genuinely having fun in a >2 outing

my first time hitting balls onto a screen

(and killed many many annoying cockroaches)

my first time having KFC bucket

(i always had individual set) 

thanks to you two
i now
have a memorable time this time of the year


why are you here?

i am here to love you

i am here not to fall in love with you

keep that in mind

i'll be loving

but i'm not a lover


if you're not here

i'll tell you everything

 because inside me everything is twisted

and i'm afraid you can't look at me the same

 if only

it's a rant, better not read it, excuse me, i dont have a diary : it's not a good night

not because of the assignment, apparently i managed to get it done, but after reading this manga.... >_>

it's not usual that reading such material can depress me, but 'cappuccino' really did it. it's supposed to bring me the theory of 'hope after the darkness' but now i see darkness all around me :(

and i have another two... burdens inside my head. apparently i made it up myself, due to my nature which likes things 10000000 times more complicated than what they really are <_<

so tonight's not a good night

if i can do it


*i'd rather got wasted beneath the shimmering light

*jumping madness around the dancefloor

*cried my heart out before my BFF which due to current circumstance it's something equalified to NADA

*run around the streets like a crazy bitch

if there's no rapist or snatchers or freaks i would've been able to do the last part

*F*CK THEM* for making my life harder to cope

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i need a cut

because i love this 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's just like a pair of new jeans

when i first saw you
i was captivated
you're the best
and i look good with you

i chose you
i brought you home
i pick you over others
i took good care of you
while you make me feel oh-so pretty

but one day
you just stop
either i'm getting fatter
or the tear on the knee is too big
or a bottle of ink spilled onto you
i couldn't count on you anymore

that's how it is

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my first malay language post

and i'm gonna spend it reflecting something not good.

makin pikir makin nak marah.
tak pikir rase tercabar pulak.

kat ko aku nak cakap 2 perkataan je la.
k**** **o

aku tak kacau hidup ko dah la.
ko pehal nak menghanjeng aku pulak.

aku sebab malas nak gado2 la
aku buat bodo je

kalo dah benci tu buat la cara benci

takyah la nak ingat kat aku lagi
melainkan hal-hal keje

ko ingat aku batak sangat ke terhegeh-hegeh nak tegur ko?
sebab ni tugas aku jadi aku kene la ingatkan.

memang salah aku la hubungan kite tak baik
memang aku la yang jahat
dah tu?
perlu ke ko nak buat aku marah?
kalo nak bergurau pun, AKU? motif?
perlu ke aku nak berdendam ngan ko?
tak perlu pun

motif sangat aku letak bende ni kat blog
lantak la
kene la luahkan
penat aku simpan

so i guess that all

Monday, April 4, 2011

i didn't disturb you, hell i've not said anything to you

and you still have the urge to joke me around?

like i'm still someone you know very well?

excuse me


i wish i'm on the dance floor right at this moment

i wish i'm on the dance floor
right at this moment
jump around as high as i like
tilted my head anyhow i like
 sweating the rage away
washing the fear away
welcoming sins my way

i wish he would let me be there
instead where i am now
trembling with disgust
fuming with chaos

ain't all eventually come my way?
if i meant yes
it will be yes

but i must set the stage right
be more of a person than a wallflower
find a few nonsensical friends
prepare myself for the big night

the night i will strut
on the dance floor

Saturday, April 2, 2011

enough said







Friday, April 1, 2011

i can't believe it's that time of the year

when the season does come
and the affection ripen
i may offend some
but please, don't

i didn't want to influence people 
or something
and obviously, i'm bad at it
so quit bothering

when you see me
and what i'm doing
if you hate it
don't bother looking