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Friday, April 8, 2011

it's a rant, better not read it, excuse me, i dont have a diary : it's not a good night

not because of the assignment, apparently i managed to get it done, but after reading this manga.... >_>

it's not usual that reading such material can depress me, but 'cappuccino' really did it. it's supposed to bring me the theory of 'hope after the darkness' but now i see darkness all around me :(

and i have another two... burdens inside my head. apparently i made it up myself, due to my nature which likes things 10000000 times more complicated than what they really are <_<

so tonight's not a good night

if i can do it


*i'd rather got wasted beneath the shimmering light

*jumping madness around the dancefloor

*cried my heart out before my BFF which due to current circumstance it's something equalified to NADA

*run around the streets like a crazy bitch

if there's no rapist or snatchers or freaks i would've been able to do the last part

*F*CK THEM* for making my life harder to cope

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