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Thursday, March 31, 2011

i keep running into walls that i can't break down


as someone with no talent

of pouring her heart out

to any living soul


i don't believe this piece

because it break me even more

because i'm revealed to myself

because such fairytale is

nonexistant in my life


i just....

i just need to smile

and assure myself

that all is well



We'll Listen

You're the girl who cries in silence
and doesn't let anyone see your pain.
You're the girl that tries her hardest to make everyone okay,
even when you're world is crashing around you.

You're the girl who always smiles,
the one who tries to make things funny.
You're the girl with broken eyes,
the one that tries to get over the heartache.

I'm the friend that tries to understand,
who tries to empathize but I can't even get close to your feelings.
I'm the friend who's trying to make you laugh more,
maybe it'll help you not think about your life.

I'm the friend who will always be there,
even when you leave here.
Me, and everyone else,
we'll listen so you don't have to have the world on your shoulders

taken directly from here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

one way conversation

she jut go on and on

and on

about her life

about her love

about her mind

as if i'm a miracle being

who could magically solve it all

but i was wrong

she didn't ask for any help

because her tears dried

because her smile formed

after she had done talking

she patted my head

as if a 'thank you'

i mewed softly

saying 'welcome'

'us' is just like a bubble, when i'm expecting it to last, it popped. and smeared my face.

Monday, March 28, 2011

my yesterdays has no regret, though 'twas stupid

though 'twas stupid
but 'twas among my bestest
moments in my life

i was afraid of letting go
wanting to hold on the whole time
but as i sit here
alone, i realized

the sweet tunes you sang to me
are yesterday's memories
like the time passed's by
the tunes flies above
and went to nothingness

leaving a taste of sweetness
at the tip of my tongue
which this moment 'sall 
bitter and sour


Thursday, March 24, 2011

cute cute cute XD

after XiaXue made exposure on Peter Coffin's 

fake girlfriend, Kimi Kobayashi, i thought of wandering 

around to see people's reaction

then i met XiaoRishu

she was condemning Peter Coffin as well (who 

wouldn't?) but in a cute cute cute way XD this girl is 

cute cute cute XD

 and eventually i come across this video

 which is a mixture of 

gross idea
cute background

i adore this girl <3

i do not usually like older men....

but these gems are (i admit willingly) are people i can say still look cute despite their age. and right now, in my mind there's only two

craig chester
whom i discover while watching a comedy flick with some meaning in it. i did not particularly like the movie, but i just can't keep my eyes off of him ;)he's gay , means a plus point haha

david caruso

i've always liked CSI series, and i don't mind missing some of the case's details when dear ol' Horatio is right there at the scene ;)gotta love the way he peeks from behind of the shades XD

anthony hopkins?
i just love the fact that he hold a bizarre character, Hannibal Lecter. he was not really cute to me, but his eyes are...mesmerizing :)

danny boy

honestly, i've never liked any folk song very much, but not until i heard Danny's sort of sad, sweet and ... calming.

to me, this song is about a young boy, named (of course) Danny who had to go to war. thus he had to leave whoever it is, mother or girlfriend or a close friend. the persona assumed that she/he will be dead by the time Danny went back home

the melody is just one of the greatest i've ever heard of

and the lyrics are so so so sweet and beautifully arranged to convey the song's message 

i particularly like the version sung by this little guy many many years ago, 

who in recent times had turn into this very fine young man XD

summer dip

you smiled shyly
while brushing the golden locks off
your sweat-covered face

"come on
it's just us girls
and mother nature"
said Cherry

i just nodded
while quietly undoing the buttons
of my blue summer dress
well, it is good weather
with just right amount of
heat and moisture

it's a long journey here
and you figured
actually, what i think you figured
we can't just waste this time
just to add fats and calories into our system

you took off you pretty little hat
and with blushed cheeks
lowered the strapless dress so slowly
while Cherry cheekily
glued her eyes on your skin
as more and more exposed

when everyone's ready

off we go

Monday, March 21, 2011

when he left

will he come back?

i don't know

when will mama be back here?
to protect us?

she's gone forever

will you protect me from his rage?

i will.

why would you bear so much pain for me?
you can just run
and leave me
because you're my little brother
and i will look after you forever

... Like I Did Yesterday

taken directly from here

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Evening

look, honey
she brought you an umbrella


because you and her
are best friends forever

she got your back 
and you got hers

now that it's raining more than ever
please know that you'll still have each other

you can stay under her umbrella
and whisper whatever you want to hear
and go wherever you want to go

but be sure to get back before the sun set
or your father will get mad
he'd want his little daughter to be home
when he's here, tired and need your affection

*waves goodbye*

the ray

i live following the ray
because i was born this way

i couldn't be as hateful as they
because the love in me, stay

being them means not i will stray
i will be okay, i will be okay


I'm Not Even Naturalist, but...

instead of these four walls
instead of the noise of hockey games
instead of the endless world of internet
instead of the techno songs

i'd rather be someplace
where there's birds chirping
where there's river flowing
where there's grass growing

i'm not even a naturalist, but
nature would have done me better
than this cold world of modernisation

The Lovers Bridge

the lovers bridge in france
where they lock the locks
along the bridge
as how they hoped
their love would be


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pretty little daisies

in my younger days
my favorite activity was
dozing off

no matter where
i don't care when
sleeping gives me comfort
napping gives me happiness

but alas, because i heart sleeping so much
my teachers hate me
though some prefer me over the noisy child
my friends ignore me
because they liked talking on and on and on
i missed someone
the one who

everytime i fell asleep
everytime i woke up
there they would be

pretty little daisies
with their sweet fragrance
and those makes me smiles

i couldn't ask
i couldn't talk
whoever that was
i'd like to thank you

in my world of silence and loneliness
your cute little act brings me happiness

my beautiful lass

she lies there

her rosebud lips is smiling
her skin shines in midst of the overwhelming moisture

her cheeks glow with most crimson blush

her eyes closed peacefully, she's fallen too deep in her nap

i can't believe she was 

no longer moving

no longer breathing

no longer mine

taggin' thingy : start 6 sentences with "i'm (age) but i still...."

1. i'm 19 but i still get nightmare from a scary movie i didn't even watch

2. i'm 19 but i still love being cuddled

3. i'm 19 but i still afraid of being scolded

4. i'm 19 but i still like to sulk, all the time, especially with people i love the most

5. i'm 19 but i still ask everything from my parents... tee-hee...

6. i'm 19 but i still think something nasty nestled under my bed

anyone reading this, i'd like to know your says too :) 

where stars don't shine

i live in a world
where the stars don't shine
where the lands are barren
where happiness is nonexistant

i live during the time
when the smiles are fake
when what's important is authority
when everyone wants to be somebody

i live here in midst of people
who love lying
who love breaking people's heart
who love... only themselves


Saturday, March 12, 2011

my pair in class

the first time i saw you
i was captivated by your beauty
drowned in your eyes so blue
drugged by your lips red as cherry

we were meant to sit together
and i grasped the chance to know you better
but after weeks of sitting next to each other
you're no longer a girl who could make me stutter
 but still
a girl i would chase after

the one i love the most

the one i love the most
was neither daddy nor mummy
was neither bobby nor sandy
but among us, she is the littlest

the one i love the most
well, you can say my love is unwelcomed
little time she would talk to me, the rest frowned
and that was nothing that i can boast

the one i love the most
stared blankly when i left for summer camp
i maybe mistaken but her cheeks looked damp
 nonetheless, i went there, thoroughly abused

the one i love the most
when i get home after a century of absence
jump at me with in her blue pools the happiest glance
mummy said the whole time i was badly missed

the one i love the most
smiled as her face stuck onto my chest
this moment was one i love the best
knowing his little sister also love him 'est among the rest

Thursday, March 10, 2011

i guess.......

i guess it's okay

it's not like i have any use to you

and i'm certainly not fun to be with

neither can i make you as happy

those new barbie dolls
and handsome ken dolls
are way better
than the old-fashioned teddy bear
i am

i have gotten used to be thrown away 
when i bore the people

and i am familiarized with sweet sweet words
they say right before they stepped
on my heart, nonetheless

and i have few experiences
of being heart-broken

so i guess it's okay
for you to ditch me too

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dont give me hope

     when you know damn well

you can't fulfill it

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

in midst of nothingness

when i say i'm happy
they will say "grow up!"

when i say i'm sad
they will say "come on!"

when i say i'm scared
they will say "what a chicken!"

when i say i'm lonely
they will leave me by myself

so what am i to do
in midst of nothingness

i create another world
of unreached happiness and companies
where there
i don't have to speak
and be rejected


which both

Monday, March 7, 2011

my favourite scene from my favourite movie

when can i be as wise-ass and as bitchy as this girl?
oh well, i guess.... IN MY DREAMS


when he was a little boy...

a bubbly lad of six
of no worries
of no burden

he likes to wander alone
anticipating trifles of nature
which evening will it rain?
when will the tree bear fruits?

and he'd bring with him a stack of papers
carefully wrapped in plastic
just in case

and he'd sit so high on the building
 where, it doesn't matter
when, he doesn't care
how, only he knew

and he's carefully write words
beautiful words he heard
from mother to father
from sister to brother
from natasha to him
onto the pieces of papers

with them, he crafted airplanes
though with no engines
they flew so high

though with no use
they made the day more beautiful to some

How True....

how true it can be 
it’s better to have nobody
than to have someone who is half here
or doesn’t want to be here at all

a lot of people is that kind
it's just the same with those
who left, merrily
when they found perfect companies

been there
(AM being there NOW)
done that

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cupid's Crash

it's just 

the plots i've been 

in the end it's just

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Favourite Duo


imagine you and him

imagine there's no another her

imagine what you two would've been

i said

imagine, if things are different

in midst of tears, imagination is all i have

he said