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Thursday, March 31, 2011

i keep running into walls that i can't break down


as someone with no talent

of pouring her heart out

to any living soul


i don't believe this piece

because it break me even more

because i'm revealed to myself

because such fairytale is

nonexistant in my life


i just....

i just need to smile

and assure myself

that all is well



We'll Listen

You're the girl who cries in silence
and doesn't let anyone see your pain.
You're the girl that tries her hardest to make everyone okay,
even when you're world is crashing around you.

You're the girl who always smiles,
the one who tries to make things funny.
You're the girl with broken eyes,
the one that tries to get over the heartache.

I'm the friend that tries to understand,
who tries to empathize but I can't even get close to your feelings.
I'm the friend who's trying to make you laugh more,
maybe it'll help you not think about your life.

I'm the friend who will always be there,
even when you leave here.
Me, and everyone else,
we'll listen so you don't have to have the world on your shoulders

taken directly from here

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