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Monday, March 7, 2011

when he was a little boy...

a bubbly lad of six
of no worries
of no burden

he likes to wander alone
anticipating trifles of nature
which evening will it rain?
when will the tree bear fruits?

and he'd bring with him a stack of papers
carefully wrapped in plastic
just in case

and he'd sit so high on the building
 where, it doesn't matter
when, he doesn't care
how, only he knew

and he's carefully write words
beautiful words he heard
from mother to father
from sister to brother
from natasha to him
onto the pieces of papers

with them, he crafted airplanes
though with no engines
they flew so high

though with no use
they made the day more beautiful to some

2 more thought(s):

.:rizaL:. said...

when he was a little what n who is he now?

Minty Mint said...

it's under the tag "Fictional" DUH~ hahaha XD