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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Agreed!! Am Having!! : )

Sunday, January 23, 2011

stop and stare, don't

is it weird
having me stand here
and state what i felt
about our crumbling society
hidden under misleading achievement

is it weird
that i stand here
with my hand in his
when we are legally united
years ago

is it weird
that we stand here
with our adopted twins
smiling and laughing
the cute girls who lit up
our home and our life

is it weird
that i
ask you
not to
at us

right before you speak, now

remember that

now you're free

now you're alive

now you can be

and you only

one guy, one girl a song

it was the exact moment
the sad song started
and you promptly cried

you're so good at
hiding your feeling
but just a sad song
and you broke down

he left you for some other girl
then you're that lucky, lady
you don't believe me?
you can see my family

my father's a SOB
he left us for a bitch
well, that's animal nature
who's to blame?

yoou get what i'm trying to say?
would you like to be like my mother?
would you stop crying?
stop crying because you hurt me too
stop crying because you're my best friend
stop crying because

i love you


are little human
with innocent face
with flawless skin
with lithe frame
with silky smooth hair

and everything else
i want to be

and they can change
with just
different make up
different attire
different hair-do

convenient enough
for them to hide
who they really are

red red apples

when i stepped onto the front porch
there was a big basket
with white linen cover
and they seemed full, alive

curiosity triggered
i peeked into it
to find many many
red red apples

smile inevitable
i took one of them
and smell the freshness
and caught the sweetness
and taste the glory

once bitten
i smiled again
looking at the basket of
juicy sweet red red apples
just like in tale of Snow White
even if it's poisoned
if it's from you
i'd still take it
and savour it

because i love you that much
and your gift from Fairyland
isn't bout to be wasted

though we meet just for a while
and there's little time for you and i
memories not to be forgotten

red red apples
you sent here
from there

proved it all

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How To Stop Hating Some People?

by forgetting them obviously


making up, if you're good at it

A Moment to Remember Review

usually i hate watching korean movies

call it overgeneralization

but most of the time they're dull and boring

but this one movie

(okay, it's also dull and boring)

but it catch my heart

it worth every single kilobyte i spent downloading it

it's about

what are you going to do

when you're about to forget everything in your life

your loved ones

your memories

your experiences

will all be gone

and you're alone

i wanna cry watching this movie

but something prevented me

the melancholy involved

is one too deep

for me to decipher

into tears

Bye bye

honestly, i dont really know you

because you and i barely talk

you're there & i'm here


i dont intend to either


what they said about you

i may be unfair in judgment


i dont matter too much to you anyway

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brand New Day

i wish you a lot of things

because i know you deserve them

someone that help you too

someone that appreciate you

someone that dont forget you

someone that dont just dump you

someone that believe in you

someone that prioritize you

someone that makes you smile

and someone else

who loves you back

who appreciate you

who takes care of you

who makes you laugh

who will make you the happiest girl ever

though they may come a little bit late

i hope you dont give up waiting

because you deserve them

you know who you are

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keep Me

keep me
you may be

you may do whatever
i won't even bother

you may kiss me all day long
or tell me tales i've known all along

i'll stay quiet
just the way you like it

but please keep in mind
i wont smell nice as you demand

What Do You Do?

what do you do
when you past
is killing you

one slip of mind
and it all come back to haunt you

do you
run away with rage
bury your melancholy like dead animals
lose yourself in the sea waves?

do you
like sky, emptied your stare
fill your heart with winter's wind
lose yourself with fallen leaves?

whatever i do
i fall
i lost
i am the only one
who is wrong
who is bad
who deserve nothing

Sunday, January 9, 2011

every word you say

was it yesterday?
or the day before?
i can hardly remember
every word you say
i cant forget

when did you say you love me?
when did you swear you'll always be by my side?

because the way you look at me now
i can see only hatred
i can feel only despise

and i am clueless
every word i said
i cant remember

For My New Year.....

i want to be more 'me'

i want to appreciate those who love me

and let go of those who doesn't care about me

i want to be more responsible

on my self

on my money

on my problems


i want to forget all the past

and start a new year of myself

this midnight


Friday, January 7, 2011

Specially, From Past

they say
a picture says a thousand words
but your say so much more

between the dusty pages
of my great grandmother old diary
your smile shines
albeit a hundred years passed

even though you'r just her old lover
even though you must be dead by now
even though we'll never ever meet

your smile i'll remember how
your story i'll remember all

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a story yay! HAHA

i'm writing a story :)

sorta songfic

sorta sweet

sorta nonsensical

sorta possible to finish

sorta impossible to stop

sorta my favourite


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the man

he ran

out of the room

into the chapel

sobbing sadly

praying quietly

of diminishing hope

of losing the man

of losing himself

the broken girl

throughout the day, she
wandered out of
her warm, safe room
to find a treasure
said to lie somewhere
around the world
out there she was lost
bruised by blow by blow
weakened by hit by hit
hurted by torment and hatred
she sobbed and
retreat to her warm, safe room
waiting for days to come
for days to end
for tomorrow to shine
for tomorrow to darken
for time to pass
for time to halt
she to forget
she too old
she to sleep
she too dead

dance, dance

some dance to remember
some dance to forget

that morning
was one i'd love to remember
was one i'd like to replay
as we twirled around
the small room
movements restricted
limbs free
with distant music
of soft rhythm
we are free
we are happy
we are in love

however that night
is one i'd kill to forget
the loud disco music
hurting our ears
as we once again
in the small room
moving our movies
deciphering the music
expressing our deepest feeling
living our wildest dream

when you halted

leaving me wondering
and even more
when you stabbed me
right in the heart

Sunday, January 2, 2011


seeing how farm chicken, horseshoe crabs, geese

(what kind of people eat spleen of geese?), and cows

are treated, i’m on the edge of being vegetarian. but i

dont have enough money to be one. FML

Who R U?

who are you to judge me?

who are you to say i’m wrong?

who are you to despise me?

who are you to backstab me?

who are you to hurt me?

who are you to tear me down?

you’re nobody

forgetting you

Nocturnal Life

it’s nearing dawn

as i walk back home

shirt dripping with blood

face unrecognizable with the red stain

you lied on the floor

you smiled like the angel of death

as you showed me the heart in your hand




i shook my head

as you lick it slowly

“man, you’re sick”

you smiled

“they make great candy”

as you tossed it into the fridge

among the others of your collection

“but you get the first place, always”

and that dawn

as always

we slept on the floor

with seductive smell

of blood and sex

lingering in our little room

until the sun sets again

and we'll wake up again

and we'll fool around again

until the time of the month

arrive again

Oh! Santa...

i always knew that santa doesnt really exist

why they keep lying to me?

nobody will ever give things for free

not in this world of steel and stones

where all i ever met is babarians

and never even one samaritan

Hard Times in Love

i hope i dont have to lie to you

it’s hard

when i have so many secrets

when i’m so in love with you