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Sunday, January 23, 2011

red red apples

when i stepped onto the front porch
there was a big basket
with white linen cover
and they seemed full, alive

curiosity triggered
i peeked into it
to find many many
red red apples

smile inevitable
i took one of them
and smell the freshness
and caught the sweetness
and taste the glory

once bitten
i smiled again
looking at the basket of
juicy sweet red red apples
just like in tale of Snow White
even if it's poisoned
if it's from you
i'd still take it
and savour it

because i love you that much
and your gift from Fairyland
isn't bout to be wasted

though we meet just for a while
and there's little time for you and i
memories not to be forgotten

red red apples
you sent here
from there

proved it all

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