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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ex-Librarian XD

i was hanging out in the club

alone, trying to get a release

when someone tapped my shoulder

a guy with bleached locks

shoulder length

sexy eyes

and sense of familiarity

just kinda shot me

i stared at him for longer minutes

to realize

he’s the librarian in junior high

i remembered him

being all nerdy, freckles, specs

but kind, gentle, pleasant

but that night

he looks




when he twirled around me

i was beyond mesmerized

of how hot he was

of how people can change

but one thing kept me

from pulling him straight

to my apartment

i’m not into guys

or even girls

i prefer being

with myself

or, maybe i just

dont find the right one





should i try this one hot


whaddya say?


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