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Monday, October 4, 2010

I Give Up

so, i guess

ive got much

to say here

to say today


should i say more?

need i say more?


im gonna write more

you know

how the fuck

did i try

to make thing


while you just stand there

with a glare

with a frown

even a snort

for all my effort

please keep in mind

im not your fucking dog


dogs will stare at you

with pathetic stars in their eyes

hoping you will treat them better

even though you keep kicking and slapping it


and im not one of em

if you wanna

keep it this way

then fine

im not giving a damn


oh yes

i just remembered

im going to write

longer this time

is it my nasty behaviour?

or my impolite words?

or youre just bored?

because i dont remember

about doing anything wrong


excuse me

for having short term memory

theres nothing to say anymore

so im leaving before i fall apart

people say karma comes back around

but if this one is for the same reason

i swear im going to puke

oh well


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