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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The 'S' Word

her mother did it
and they found out
only when it was too late

her father always thinking of doing it
but he's too scared
to even give it a try

her best friend once commented on it
saying how sick people are
of even thinking about it

her uncle had done it
alone in the big house
he lived in
because of a heart so broken
by an unfaithful wife
and treacherous friend

her brother asked her about it
asking what happened after that
will people be whispering about him?
will people be crying for him?
or will people be sneering at him?

she often asked herself
about it
will she be prompted to try one day?
when everything is so heavy on her frail shoulders
and she couldn't take it anymore?

her boyfriend warned her
not to even think about it
she wonders
if he just say that
so that he can have her body?
so that their love can last longer?

but one day
she found darkness
even when her eyes wide open
she keep limping around
but there was
nowhere to go
nobody to help
nothing to do
she decided to end it all

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