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Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Sick

im sick of crying

for people

who actually dont give a damn about me

which in turn

why should i care for them

in the first place?

ugh, my fudged up mind

being an over-sensitive girl sux hell

im sick of loving


who deep in their heart

hates me so much my presence makes them nauseous

and to think i just realize that

god knows how stupid i was

to not know it sooner

than people of average IQ would

im sick of hating

of people

because frowning use too much muscle

and im lazy to even do that

and the annoying feeling lingers

and literally will kill me in days

fudge, why the hell

id want to sacrifice my should-be-all-smiles-youth

for someone like that?!


no, FYL

now that i realize how stupid i was, i will contemplate on not repeating it again. because being a moronic person not only make me sad, hurt but also make me something kinda much like a looooooser. and that sux like hell. no no no. im changing. like a pokemon when it evolves. im not sinking myself deeper in this shit that created itself. well, better that it create itself sooner coz if its too late, ill hurt more. which means MORE energy, money, time, and my fucking tears wasted on someone like you. adiosssa.

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