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Sunday, October 10, 2010

High Heels/Hells... >_>

my dear girl

please dont lie

to me anymore

im a guy

but i know the feeling

of having your heels

elevated in such way

its mean

its unnatural

it hurts like hell


i have no idea

why my friends prefer

seeing their girls

in those inhuman thing

do they prefer her being taller?

(i dont)

do they prefer the increase accentuation of her curves?

(i do but... your curves without anything is much better)


do they prefer the scrunched up face she makes when her feet cramped?

(i hate this)

whatever it may be

my dear girl

please know

i love you

for who you are

not for the glamorous 8-inches

you put on during our first date.

not for the beautiful 10-inches you wore during prom night.

not for the sexy high heels you had last night.

id rather see you in humble ballerinas

or in an elegant pair of 4-inches

or in a new sport shoes


your smiling face

minus the pain

is much much better

to look at

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