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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

J and Q

J has a notebook

given by late mother

when he was small


he poured all his thought

he revealed all of himself

he totally being honest with


at the end of February, J

went along with his mother

leaving his scanty properties to

someone named Q who was

his best friend since little


Q found the notebook, hidden between

piles of old book, trapped

with dust, bugs and stale air


he read, and read, and read

and finally, a tear ran down

his rosy cheeks, realizing

he was so stupid

he was so blind

he was so ignorant

he was so selfish


he never know, even a bit

J was madly in love with

someone he was dating


wiping his tears, Q

continued reading

the scattered fragments

within the brown pages

His smile is more important than mine”

I can always find another girl, but not another Q”

“I love him, and I love her too. Who love me back, for sure? Him. So that’d be my choice. Him”

“I wish I’m loving someone else, not my best friend’s girlfriend....”

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