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Friday, October 15, 2010

Parenthood Effect

watching parenthood

can really make me cry

at times


when it touch the issue



why would a father

sacrifice so much

for someone

he did not even give birth

like a mother


the connection

if you don’t feel it now,

it’ll come later

it was the sweet

peter krause

that gave the answer

and i feel touched

i dont know

it just came to me

that fathers

can just ignore us

because they dont have

the connection to children

like mothers do

but some

like mine

choose not to

ignore his child

and for that

i love him

very very dearly

another scene that

made me

all in tears

was when a girl

had this


with her mother


she had a lover

but she hide him from them

not wanting her life be exposed

to those annoying figures

she complained

to her mother


the overreacted father

and she asked

“how angry is dad?”

and the mother said

“honey, i think

he’s more scared than


just afraid of..."

"of what?"

the girl asked

and the mother said

"losing you”

while he was listening

all along

i hear that words again

and my dam broke again

those damned tears...

i really wanna let my father know

that my love is unconditional

that i wont leave him

whether i’m married

whether i’m single

whether i’m rich

whether i’m broke

or whatever shit i’ve let myself into

i’ll still love him

and would never have him

out of my mind


i love you, pa

eventhough most probably

you wont read this

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you know who i am said...

hisyh....tacink2 plak... ni yg ak rindu kat encik bapak ni.... haha :D