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Sunday, October 24, 2010

He and I

i found her on the way to a party

i met this gentleman by the roadside

i was attracted to her

i think i’m in love with him at the first sight

i took her to the party

he took me to a party

i introduce her to everyone

he introduced me to everyone

i gave her a drink

he gave me a treat, a drink

i let her drink everything

he taught me how to drink all sorts of alcoholic beverages

i laced her drink with magic pills

i thought i saw him putting pills inside my drink, but i must be hallucinating

i fooled around with her

i had my first real sex with him

i let her be my sex slave that night

i succumbed to his desire throughout the night, it was so romantic, wild, and everything else

i left her in a hotel room

i passed out after too much sessions

i had never seen her again

i thought he was my true love, how wrong i was

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