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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will You?

will you dance
with me
in the dark?

nobody will look
nobody will peek
as we swirl around the dance floor
moving to the rhythm of music

i know you're good
you show it when you walk
so graceful
so beautiful
the way you legs crossed over each other
i feel like taking you
into a tango
right then and there

and i know you wont dance before him
the one you adore
the one you love
why'd he be so critical
of something so abstract
of something so priceless
the moves you tend to make
on the dance floor
when i think they are beautiful
just right

so baby
will you dance with me
in the dark?
my mouth is shut
only touches
light touches
i understand
you're his
and i'm in no chance
to take you away

i like the way you dance
come, give me your hands
and i will dance
with you
in the dark

from Lady Gaga's "Dance In The Dark"

2 more thought(s):

Azham Vosovic said...

i can guess that you really want to dance with someone.. who is it?

misswhatever1001 said...

it's fictional, babe... :D but, if given chance, it would be Mr. XXXXXX. and if only i'm fit enough LOL which apparently now, i'm NOT.