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Friday, September 3, 2010

These Boys

look there
around the corner
the boy with spectacles
ain't his hair beautiful?
i envy anyone who get to ruffle it
on daily basis
i hope he would not get it cut
ain't he got lips of an angel?
i envy anyone who gets to kiss them
at every coming chance
ain't his enthusiasm enchanting?
hands down
i think that's his most adorable feature
he'd go around talking and talking and talking
and that eventually caught my attention
even though
i'm not reeeeeally interested
in the first place

look there
behind the wall
the boy with spiky hair
ain't he beautiful?
i envy anyone who get to look at him
first thing in the morning
ain't his voice mesmerizing?
i envy anyone who would get coaxed by that soft voice
if it's me
i'll melt like butter
right then and there
ain't his smile heavenly?
i envy anyone whom he greet with those
on daily basis
and they never even appreciate it
and this one's most adorable thing
is his rationality
he's fussy, (yeah, hands up
that's you, boy)
and hell of a perfectionist
but that makes him a perfect man
to go out shopping with
well, never been there or done that
i can just imagine

are these boys
for real?
maybe not

you know i love you guys

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