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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hey Girl

hey girl,

i’m writing to you coz i have some things to ask

can you be prettier?

i’m embarrassed when we go out with you having the biggest zit right on your nose. and your horrible fake-tanned skin is just not suitable for a date in a french restaurant. yes, your hair could use some cutting, they’re starting to look like the ghost that hurls out from the frigging tv.

can you be thinner?

i dont like that you have excess fat around your waist. they’re ugly, heavy and just plain disgusting. your arms and thighs could use some trimming too. don’t you think it’s cool if i can give you a piggyback ride along the beach, instead of you and me running along it for 5 minutes before you ran out of breath? oh, and your fats were shaking like crazy the whole time, i swear they looked like they’re gonna fall off any minute.

can you act ‘cuter’?

especially in front of my friends. please do not use words like ‘dude’, ‘man’ or ‘shit’ before them. you know the word ‘girly’. yes, that one please. you are my girlfriend, not my boyfriend. if i want a boyfriend, i would have date your brother instead. cute means you have to giggle at every sentence, show your sweetest smile the whole time, walk with grace and play with my hair with your hands all over me when we were together with them.

can you act to be ‘dumber’?

i know you are smart, you scored all a’s the last exam, but when we’re together, can you please not correct every single thing i said? it doesn’t matter whether it’s grammar, fact or trivia, i dont like to appear stupider than a girl. and being laughed by people is not my favourite moments. maybe you can try being dumber by giving out wrong facts and let me correct you. and then maybe you can do more by pretend to be amused by my knowledge over something. don’t worry, my friends and yours won’t have to know, this is between us.

you must have been thinking

why i have so much thing

i want you to do

that’s because i love you

besides, i have so much time to spare now that the exam is over. i figured that if you like me, i might as well try you out. so far, you’re okay, except the things that i stated above which means you’re imperfect in every single goddamned thing. but if you are willing to try, i can give you one more chance. if you want to retreat, angela from mass comm seemed to be attracted to me.

you know you love me.

but if you hate me

i dont care


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