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Sunday, September 26, 2010

When You're Gone...

when you’re gone

i can jump on your bed

all day long

without you nagging after that

when you’re gone

i can eat everything in fridge

without you yelling at me

for taking your favourite pudding

which happen to be my favourite too

when you’re gone

i can bring my girlfriend home

and ***king like rabbits

in every place in the house

without you giving me dirty looks

across the hall everytime

even when we weren’t doing anything

except of me holding her and

giving her a smooch on her thin lips

when you’re gone

i can sleep on the floor

with the tv switched on

without you freaking out

that i’ve stupidly

increase the electricity bill

for nothing

when you’re gone

i will miss you

your nag and your yell

your sarcasm and your skepticism

your smile

your laugh

your face

so don’t go, father

i would rather have you

than letting you follow that bitch

to manhattan and leave me alone

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