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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Prince

my mother said

i should wait

for the prince charming to come

saving me from damnation

on his strong white horse

with long sword along his thigh

but how come

my saviour

is you?

you’re in no way, a prince

your hair dyed jet black

your stare stabbed deep inside

your smile cold as snow


you tell me about beauty of life

you show me how to be myself

you save me from giving up hope

in living this fucked up life

when my mother

is busy with a customer

after another customer

waiting impatiently to get a taste of her

you are here

by my side

telling me the truth of life

the bitterness of living

the pain of dying

the sweetness of living

the helplessness of dying

the challenges in living

the emptiness of dying

and i listened

and i believed


deep in my heart

how can i believe


that pass through me like a fog?


that can walk through walls?


i cannot touch at all?

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