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Friday, September 24, 2010

I Had You...

i had you two

when i was younger

when i was a new blood

when i thought life’s simple

when it’s definitely not

the vision i have

was of two person

one, with a pair of blue eyes

and golden blonde hair

one, with a pair of green eyes

and chestnut brown hair

both young

both beautiful

both different

both searching


both in love

with each other

in your world

relationship can start

at the first look in the eyes

yeah, that’s cliche

but when it involve you two

everything becomes beautiful

to me

when i write about you two

laying together

one’s hand grasping other’s hand

with smile on your face

it was enlightening

it was satisfying

it was magic

i’d never know that love stories

can be

even more meaningful

when i’m the one writing it

i think of you two

like a couple of friends

i never even have

when at times

i create another episode

i add a different element

i create another character

just to keep it

going on

and on

and on

because i dread to reach the end

when one of you will be gone

and losing one is hard for the other one

and life will never be the same again

for him

when he’s gone

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