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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


it was first day

of school

it was worst day

of life

scolded by mother

ditched by friends

left books at home

punished by teachers

bitten by a cat

fingers scalded by steam

and i went to the end of the road

a dark cul-de-sac

an isolated place

i know

nobody would care about

and i let it go

crying my heart out

wishing today would be better

wishing for a better day tomorrow

wishing i could do better

when you came

suddenly, unexpectedly

patted my shoulders

pulled me into your hug

shocked i was

but i kept on

sobbing quietly

the sadness

is that deep

my problems

my tears

my soft heart

they all make up a part


the beginning of my love story

i guess

there is

a silver lining

around my dark,

heavy cloud

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