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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If I Am...

if i’m a cupid

i will make the boy

fall head over heels

over that girl

he was oblivious

how many days she had cried over

her unspoken feelings

if i’m a cupid

i shall make the husband’s love re-ignited

after long years of being with his wife

he had grown bored of her affection

he was oblivious

how many nights she sobbed and sighed

of his increasingly cold attitude

if i am a cupid

i shall make the girl accept the boy

who, though not good-looking

but loves the girl sincerely

his love is based by their friendship

not her mesmerizing look

not like other boys, wanting her

just because of her bambi blue eyes

just because of her beautiful features

if i am a cupid

i shall make you fall for her

because you are just plain blind

to her deep feelings towards you

you are unaware

of her glances towards you

of her heart beating when you are near

of her failed tries to forget you

of her unending hope that you’ll finally realize

she loves you

more than you think

any girl would

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