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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If It's Love

if it’s love

i will hand you

little love notes


if it’s love

i will call you

every second

we’re not together

if it’s love

i will always think of you

not every second

but every chance i get

because your smile

is that hard to forget

if it’s love

i will try to catch your attention

no matter how stupid i may seem to be

no matter how embarrassed i am

because being seen by you

is a heart-melting experience

i wont wanna miss

if it’s love

i will write stories about you

songs, poems, drawings included

because loving is hard

when i can’t say it out loud

if it’s love

i’ll keep writing this list

of my ways of loving you

without you knowing it

because i’m such a coward

to say my feeling towards you

it is impossible

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