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Thursday, September 30, 2010


shes a bitch

thats what i heard

not until today

i was stunned

coz i see her everyday

but when my friend whispers

the bad things

she had commit

realization comes

and i know

its the truth

coz i have

the same impression

towards her


i just never thought

she would ever cross

the line

just like that

to my whisperer

i hope you stay


because we have years more

to face each

and every one

of us

dont ever explode

i wont like it

to hear bad things

about you

i care for you

that much

yes, i missed the first wave

i wont be eager for second

and to her

i wish

she wont waste

precious moments

of her life

just like that


i wish

she would

respect others

just as how

shed like to be


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