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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where Am I?

where were you?

i was in the stationery shop, looking for the mechanical pencil you lost yesterday. i know you cried overnight for losing it, that’s why searched throughout the town for it. but luck wasn’t at my side that time, i could just buy you one with same pattern but with different colour.

where were you?

you didn’t see me. i fought with the guy that bullied you on your way home. he punched me square in the face but i gave him one twice as hard. and i warned him to never even LOOK at you again. i want you to stay beautiful and most importantly, stay safe.

where were you?

you didn’t see me. i’m preparing a bouquet of flowers for you, because today i see that you’re a bit down. those roses are fresh from the garden, so i hope the scent can cheer you up a little.

where were you?

you didn’t see me. i was hiding in the store room, trying to perfect the birthday surprise i had prepared for you since last month, when you mentioned you hoped to have a clown for your birthday because you’ve never had one along your childhood.

where were you?

i cried in the washroom, after you tell me that you’re in love, and your dreamy gaze wasn’t directed at me. i should have known you took me only as a friend, but i still wanted to be with you.

where were you?

i went to the internet to look for an attire that suit your party. i want to look my best, and i want you to look at me, but unfortunately i know you won’t. you’re too caught up with him.

where were you?

i was booking a suite at the newly-opened hotel room for us to spend our Friday night. i know you’re all torn up because of his infidelity towards your relationship, so i’m trying my best to cheer you up, as a good friend. i already put piles of your favourite junk food and cd’s of your favourite songs. i hope you can get your mind off of him. i know it ain’t easy. it isn’t for me.

where were you?

i’m standing right before you. can’t you see me? i was standing over the counter, buying you your favourite chocolate bars before going to the movies. then i heard a commotion behind me, and a deafening sound of a gun. and.......

oh my god.

i am dead, ain’t it?

i wish i told you where

i’ve been disappearing to

all these times

at least you know

i was lying to you

and at least you know

i really care for you

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