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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Consider This "Fictional" (Part I)

To an Uncle,

Seriously, for how long do you intend to leave your crazy son in other people’s house? Letting him do whatever the fuck he wants to other’s properties without you giving a damn?

He’s your own SON for God’s sake.

Are you waiting for him to slaughter somebody’s child before you plan to take him? Or is it a part of your plan that he frigging murder someone and be sent to some mental institution so that this burden will eternally let off of your shoulder?

We are tired of having him. Well, not ME, because I’m seldom in the house. But my mother? My father? My aunt? My cousins? They are sick of him. Sick of you. Sick of your family. Sick of you arrogance. Sick of your ignorance.

“Your son is FUCKING CRAZY.


Well, maybe you are afraid that you RICH neighbors will sneer at you for having someone ‘mental’ in the family. And your colleagues, maybe.


We don’t give a FUCK.

We just want him away.


We need that house for gathering.

Among your OWN brothers and siosters.

You don’t wanna involve, FINE.

Dont ruin it either.

By leaving your son there.


CURE HIM somehow, whatever, just GET HIM AWAY!!!

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