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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Consider This "Fictional" (Part II)

To a Brother,

What are you letting yourself turning into?

You used to be a good person. I used to love you.

But now everything about you has changed. You mock our mother, saying that everything bad happening to you is her fault.


It’s you OWN frigging fault that you always, ALWAYS lack of money every frigging second How about quit smoking, huh? If you wanna kill yourself, you can always do it more quickly than staining your lungs on daily basis.

It’s your OWN fault for being so head over heels over that SLUT that you had to borrow hundreds just to repair the phone she gave you, which at the end, is still damaged beyond repair. AND you borrow the money from MOTHER!

It’s your OWN fault that you have a job that SUCKS and pay so LITTLE! You keep whining about it, but all I see on your days off, you are frigging DOZING OFF on bed all day! You expect a good job will come rolling at you??? WTF.

It’s your OWN fault that mother doesn’t like you! You did not pay back the 800 (maybe) bucks you borrowed from her, but you keep forcing her to lend you MORE money, and MORE and MORE!!!! You sneer at her when she asks you to return her money. You are angry with her when she gives you advice. You lash out at her when everything went wrong for you.

I hope you’ll realized how much you have offended our mother. I’ve been there, done that, but now that everything is okay, I dont want you to do the same mistake I did. You’re older, you supposed to be more mature than I am, so JUST GO APOLOGIZE TO HER AND WORK EVERYTHING OUT TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck, if you DO

Go to hell, if you DON’T

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