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Saturday, August 28, 2010

You Ain't Heavy

you fainted when we're jogging
i can guess the reason
you have been eating nothing for days
well, beside water and fruits

why do you need
to be thin so desperately?
why do you always
complaining about your weight?
why do you like
to torture yourself off the edibles?

you ain't heavy
i've told you many times
you ain't heavy
i could lift you off your feet, easy
you ain't heavy
you still can wear the jeans from your sophomore years

and i think
i like you this way
have you seen me complaining?
when i try to gave you failures of piggyback rides
when you lie onto me?
when you dress up with something tight for dinner?


in fact,
i love your curves
i love your warmth
i love the cuddly feeling you give
i love hugging you
and not feeling like i'm holding a frail skeleton

and most importantly,
i love you just the way you are
you who could make me laugh
you who inspire me everyday
you who can calm me just like anesthetic
you who love me back

3 more thought(s):

Azham Vosovic said...

You sounds like a boy here, gosh that girl is so fortunate having u as her boyfriend.. heheh....

Amalina Sulaiman said...

yup3..! agree wif azham :)

misswhatever1001 said...

hahaha it's fictional, so... yeah, i'm trying to portray a boy's feeling about his weight-obsessed girl :)