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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Never Know

the first day i come here
i was all tears and snot
i hated coming here
and i missed my friends in hometown
how do i know
you were falling in love with me?

the next day
i was too busy making friends
so many faces
so many names
and i was lost
how do i know
you are giving me you biggest smile
and spoke to me as gently as you can?

days after that
i was drowned in a mass of homework
there were so many things to do
so many things to think about
and i was ignorant
of other people
how do i know
you were crying alone there
wondering if i hate you
coz i was so quiet?

next month
i was appointed as the class leader
the chaos consumed me
i was jumpy
i was cranky
i was crazy
having to study
having to fulfill the responsibilities
how do i know
you had already give up hope
of loving me?

next year
i was moving to another school
not discipline problem
just following my mother's job
how do i know
deep down you still love me
and hope i won't leave you?

the day i'm moving
there was a parcel at the front door
i opened it
in midst of scattered rose petals inside
i found love letters
dated from the first day i was here
till that very day
written to me
how do i know?
there wasn't any name written
on the letters