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Sunday, August 15, 2010

For A Crush

do you see me
when i see you
when i'm staring at you
you will see me too

do you listen to my words
when i speak
when i'm talking to you
you will hear me too

do you feel my touch
when my fingers feel yours
when every single touch is electric to me
you will feel the same way too

do you think of me
when i am in your sight
when i'm out of your sight
you'll always remember me

do you love me
when i am missing you
when i am thinking of you 'not-so-innocently'
you will love me too

do you read my writing
when i am writing my heart out
when i frankly tell the world about me
one day
you will see me
not just another flower on the wall
like i tend to be
but a real person
loving you
with all my heart
even though it hurts

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