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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mint's Favourite Scene

Dennis’s shoulders heaved as he released a breath. “Travis. While you’re not kissing Aiden, don’t kiss anyone else, either.”

Okay,” Travis agreed, and he was smiling on his way out the door.

(In The Fish Bowl, Chapter 22)

I like women, Travis.”

Dennis had said it with so much self-assurance that Travis had to look at him twice. And he believed him.

Holy shit.”

(In The Fish Bowl, Chapter 23)

Will I see you?

Aiden nodded. “If you want to.”

Owen met his eyes. “I want to.”

Aiden smiled. “If you want... you should come see me before I go. I’ll be around. And I miss you. I’m tired of pretending I don’t.”

(In The Fish Bowl, chapter 27)

“I’m not afraid of you,” Leo retorted. “But, just because I’m curious, why would you, take up with Dennis Gordon?”

Travis sighed, a real smile touching the corners of his mouth. “Because he’s been a good friend to me. Maybe if you stopped being pissed off about it and started thinking for a second, you’d remember he was probably a good friend to you, too.”


“You gave your bed to Nicky?

Travis grinned. “So? I like sleeping in yours a lot better.”


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