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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chris's Story

Chris opened the sealed letter, feeling guilty for even thinking of reading some random letters in the abandoned room. Still, curiosity got the best of him and deliberately he pulled out a paper old with age from inside the envelope.

can you keep a secret?
last night
i dreamt a dream of you
being with me

in that dream
i had the realization
"this must be a dream"
but then you're standing before me
and i can't help
but feeling
drawn to you
weakened by your touch
trembled by your kiss

it all was too real
that inevitably i was wishing for time to stop
because i miss you
and your smile was too sweet
and your touch was too loving
and your stare was too intense
and your voice was too tender
and i was helpless
in midst of confusion
in midst of guilt
in midst of affection
i fell for you

i love you
but in the battle
of morality and infidelity
of attraction and guilt
my choice
wasn't you

and that's how we come to this
and that's how i'm safely back
into his arms
and that's how i lost you
and that's how
till this day i still can't keep my eyes off you

because here
in my heart
you stay
no matter how hard i try to erase you
no matter how hard i try to hate you
you stay

A tear trickled down his cheek.

Followed by another one.

He just couldn't grasp the concept how come this strange letter held so much resemblance to the situation he was facing right then. He thought of Mickey's mischievous lopsided grin and Ian's innocent sincere smile.

"Oh God...." he sighed. Should he follow the path trodden by the writer? Or take the other way round?

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