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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Wish Upon A Falling Star

at times
i wish upon a falling star
that i'm a boy
so i have the strength to face this world
and the evil that comes with it
so that i can go to places
without my parents worrying about me

most of the times
i wish upon a falling star
i'm rich
so that i can spend a hefty amount of money
without the urge to worry
when will the next notes will come to me

some moments
i wish upon a falling star
i'm beautiful
so that i will have more self confidence
i will not worry whether
people will despise me just for the way i look

every time
i wish upon a falling star
for it not to fall
because it means that
there's one less beauty
shining my dark night

i wish upon a shining star
for its light to shine
the people that I love and care about
::parents that i love with all my heart::
::friends that i see in daily basis::
::friends that i talk to but never meet::
::friends that i met once in a while::
and give them protection
and let them see
that there's hope in every problem
that there's a silver lining
in a cloud
that there's always rainbow
after rain

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