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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dancing Night

it’s another night

i’m gonna spend with you

i know your naughty smile

means so much more than

“let’s sleep”

i know the way you hold me

means so much more than

“let’s make out”

i smiled

as your hands reach for the button


and the music started

flowing into the core of our souls

emancipating us from the hell of life

letting us to be truly ourselves

boy, i just love these things

we’ll do tango

we’ll do salsa

we’ll do ballroom

we’ll do everything


i love watching you move


i love moving to the rhythm


tonight is the night


we can truly let our feelings bare


not give a damn any other things

hold me up, boy

i’m falling

drugged by this suffocating joy

and this girl’ll hold you down

keep you from jumping

energized by the power of music

we’ll dance

all night long

through the dawn


in the morn’

i’ll wake up

with you in my arms

and we’ll both glow


i’m a girl and you’re a boy

and i love you and you love me too

we’re friends


when we spin we forget everything else

no, we don’t go for the ‘s’ word


yes, we go for the ‘d’ word


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Azham Vosovic said...

Dance on a Saturday night,
But don't make out dear...
hehe, nice and naughty!