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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Fav Writer

I came across Dom Luka's page when I was searching for something new to read, and man, DID I FIND ANYTHING NEW!! :) It has been about 4 years since I read his stories, and I LOVE all of them and still am! His stories are unique, with unpredictable twist at every turn they take, combined with Dom's writing skill.

From Desert Dropping to In The Fish Bowl to With Trust I just cant avert my eyes from his stories!!!! Things are worse when I get back to his page and found out that he published a tonne of new chapters which would take a looooooong time to finish, like what happen to With Trust earlier this year. I got headache from reading too much LOL. This is because I only check Comsie's site on daily basis, and for other writers like Dom, Viv and Don, it's only once in a a while that I go and check them out in GA. It's not that I'm saying Comsie's the best writer, everyone got plus point, but for these years, my favourite is Comsie :D

Anyway, on the way for In The Fish Bowl's epilogue.... :P My favourite scene :

Owen’s face went blank for a second, and then suddenly burst out laughing. “Oh my god, I completely forgot about that.”

“What?” Travis asked, not liking to be left out. When Dennis suddenly seemed too annoyed to provide an explanation, Owen happily did it for him.

“In the pictures where Aiden didn’t cut off his head, he was...” Owen stopped, grinning goofily at Dennis, as if asking for a way to explain it.

I was adjusting... my junk,” Dennis provided. “Every. Single. Picture. Looked like that was all I ever did.”

::In The Fish Bowl, Chapter 17::

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