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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tagged and ... (i'm like, owh ma gawd)

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts or goal about yourself. At the end,choose 5 people to be tagged and you have to tag the person who had tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you."

1. i took the name Mint from Ben's comic. in that comic, she was portrayed as a girl who had a crush on her bff, and at that time i was having HUGE crush on someone, so i think the name suit me. and she was boyish, which me likey. from form 3 till now,surprisingly the name stays :P

2. i like watching bitchy people but not dealing with them

3. i get bored easily when watching movie, unless there's three things included there: gay (as jaybird) people, (blazingly) hot people and (omg i'm so freaked out i'm gonna sh*t myself) frightening ghost or maniac killer.

4. i have soft spot for soft guys, but when they started bitching TOO much, i'll just slip away.

5. i love pokemon and used to have a crush on Ash Ketchum. lolz

6. i'm constantly ignorant towards Twilight and other vampirish ... er... things. the one and only vampire series i adore is Gone From Daylight, gay-themed online vampire stories. i think the author is genius

7. yea, the author i love the most is Comica-f*cking-amazing-lity. i practically read most of his works. all gay-themed. so what? haters can f*ck off from his page.

8. i don't really like Disney cartoons but i wanna go to Disneyland... duh

9. i can be rather harsh at words especially when i'm angry or annoyed. curse words and profanity are *ahem* quite constantly used by me.

10. i used to want to be a cashier when i was small. coz i see my aunt holding so much money when i go to her workplace. okay that was stupid, but i was, like, five! whaddya expect?

11. i have ALWAYS been trying to write a story, in fact, many stories but subsequently ALWAYS fail to get to the end.

12. i love love love The Sims, but i hate hate hate the fact that i always failed while trying to install em! AARRRGHH!!!

13. i'm a Capricorn, and Horse Year. yep. not all 1991's are Goat Year lol. just found that out this year.

14. i'm not a sweet person, but i like to dwell in the sweetness of life that i cant manage to have. thus the poems, which many cant understand. lol. whatever

15. i like spicy food but i cant stand the hotness, same as the case when i like watching ghost stories when in the end i end up being too scared to even go to the bathroom alone. i dont have any mental problems aye?

16. i like drawing. i just have problem getting it from IRL to virtual world. my adobe photoshop skill sux like hell.

17. i wanna be someone who deal a lot with English language. i used to peruse the list of jobs available in the field of language. translator, teacher, editor, blah blah blah. now i end up in teacher training institute. not bad, i got what i want. thank god :D

18. i was literally forced by mr. Kay to open my once-closed facebook account.

19. beloved bloggers : i love xiaxue. she's amazingly beautiful, and good at writing. and her cuteness isn't easy to decline. i love kak senduk. everytime i read her posts, i cant hold myself from laughing my ass off. XD

20. i often wander around the net to search for random pics, so i can write outta them.

21. i'd like to be punctual. but when other people start to delay the time and i end up being a loner and nerd who comes early, i become fed up. and come up late with others. better.

22. i am frigging afraid of cockroaches. EVERY SINGLE THING about cockroaches creeps the hell outta me. and to think i've TASTE em, without puking afterwards. fml.

23. i love yam cordial the most! other type of cordial, however, is unacceptable. like grapes of mango, i want juice! fresh!

24. "i'd like black forest cheese and chocolate indulgence, please" is my favourite sentence when i go to secret recipe.

25. i am a lazy girl who HATES thinking. that's why i push away sudoku and crosswords puzzle every single time. ya ya ya i know they're good for the brain, but ..... >_>!!!!

thanks mr azham! i think no one really read my blog, so i wont tag anyone, lolz

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Azham Vosovic said...

hey, thanks for answering the tag question! love to know you better! I like the soft guy part! hehehe