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Friday, November 5, 2010

Of Holding Hands And True Love

our story
started when
we were toddlers
small, young, ignorant
fate had us met
in the comfy nursing home
i slightly remember
me holding your hands
inspecting, careful, doubtful
the warmth, the softness
was different from mine

then after months
i moved to someplace else
found new friends
but i had you in mind
your soft, cuddly hands
and your striking red hair
kept you in my mind
for so long

true, through kindergarten
through elementary school
through junior high
through high school
i met new people
i loved new people
but their hands felt nowhere
as comforting as yours
added with teenage frenzy
and social pressure
i literally jumped
from one girl to another

then i entered college
i saw you, yes you
walking alone
with books your height
in the trolley you pushed
big spectacles
braided hair
a perfect nerd, no?
perfect specimen of a nerd, yes?
but your striking red hair
differentiate you from other
and i promptly knew
"that's her"

you seemed to remember
my icy blue eyes
the way you say my name excitedly
had me all smiles and laugh
yes, from a cute toddler
you've grown up to be a cute woman
and i felt like
i wanna hold your hands
in a whole different situation

you said yes
and i get to hold your hands
the same warmth
the same comfort
the same feeling
i felt when i grasped them

through college
through adulthood
through marriage
though parenthood
i still hold the same hands
and still felt the same warmth

too bad
too bad that you have to go first
the hands that always warm mine
are now cold to touch
as cold as the rain outside
as cold as my heart feeling

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