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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bow Down, and I'm Out, Pancake

i'll gladly accompany you to the door
and kick your ass into the darkness
stop mocking "aww, baby your so poooor"
i'm sick of you nosing around my every business

don't you know every coffee i give you
has approximately 10ml of saliva in it?
that's one of my way of saying "i hate you"
because saying it outloud may seem impolite

yes, pancake, now you're a deadmeat
your employer now know your wrongdoings
what do you think the camcorder is for
lighted on when you are drinking yourself crazy

i have to stop because writing about you
make me wanna puke onto my computer screen
which, btw worth more than bitch like you

(to be continued....)

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