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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Of Bubbbbbbles and Bicycle

you love seeing my hair

flowing by the wind

freely in the air

the shiny lustrous locks

proudly showing off its beauty to

anyone who's been looking

i love seeing bubbles

wander higher and higher

with wind bringing them away

or the unheard 'pop' vanish them away

so i take the bicycle

and had you having me as passenger

blowing bubbles happily

as you cycle against the wind

i know you can't see me

but i know you're imagining

and i know what you're imagining

is what's really happening

and you sing for me

a song with you sweet sweet voice

as raspy as the strawberry essence

as soft as the midnight satin

that is our first date

so darling

how can i not fall in love with you everyday

with our bicycle tour around town, you insist

every sunny day?

and with you insist

calling me, singing for me
with your soothing voice

every rainy day?

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