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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Not Easy

being me

i've been hated

i've been mocked

i've been betrayed

for 1001 reasons

i'm not sensitive enough

i'm too sensitive

i'm too deadpan-faced

i'm too excited with something

i'm too bad

i'm too ugly

or whatever else they say

and what do they expect from me?

change myself in return of

some kind of alliance?

pretend to be someone else MY WHOLE LIFE?

magically turn to a living angel tomorrow?

go and do a plastic surgery?

i'm sorry i can't be perfect

yes, i do give a damn what people say

and what people think of me

but who am i to fulfill everyone's want?

i'm nowhere near that position

and for that

i don't have to change myself

and i just can continue being myself

and i just keep being ignorant

and i just preserve my oversensitive-self


from time to time

i may try to change towards the better me

but not in seconds

but not in days

i need time for that

even in photoshop the 'dodge' button

have to be pressed a number of times before

the stain disappear

and in real life?

it takes longer than that

or else if you use concentrated acid

which will simultaneously destroy the thing

which, is ME

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