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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Going Back to Home

everytime i step onto the home lawn

the first thing i expected is

your boyish grin

your crumpled shirt

on your lean body

a warm hug

and nothing else from you

growing distance never seem to

keep us apart

how ironic

in few the times i get to see you

i grew closer to you

what do i expect?

you're my only relative

my dear little brother

you insist to stay in the countryside

and you bring me into its exciting world

every time i was there

waiting for anything to caught the bait

i cant help but stare at you

and think about the others

who left us here

the little boy who cry in my embrace

during the massive funeral

has grown up into a strong man

stronger than me even

no longer i have to pull

and pick the fish for him

he did it for me

my handsome little brother has grown up

but can i still protect him like the big sister

i used to be?

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