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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Homeless Man

they stare at me intently
full of mocking desire
like i'm a freak

they don't know the situation
they're oblivious to
the real meaning of life

they haven't limped
through the hardship
life can throw your way

i'm sleeping in boxes
next to the road

i'm wearing old clothes
my hair in disarray

i've been through all life
becoming rich to becoming poor
being respected to being mocked
i've tasted them all

and i am proud for that

i dont live by begging
my secretary gives me money
on weekly basis
the moment she come to me
by the roadside
to ask about some major decision
regarding the company
i own

dont judge a book by its cover
mine is all dark and gloomy
the gold is hidden between the pages

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